Words of Intention

Every year, as the holidays subside, people focus their eyes on the year ahead. In recent years, the trend has moved away from resolutions and goals to purposes and priorities. Commonly, I hear people picking a “word” for the year. Maybe I’m too much of a drifter, but I have never been able to narrow my year down to one word. I know myself and I know that I’ll need a new word…by tomorrow.

That’s when it hit me. Set a word daily. Generally, you know what the day will hold, what is on your to-do list. It’s so much easier to narrow down the words when I know that all I’m going to do is run errands. In that instance, my word would probably be patience, because any time I venture where the people are…I need patience. If I’m going to be home all day by myself {God, I wish that happened more often} it would be solitude.

But how does a word of intention change your perspective and actually alter your day. Maybe I would remember “patience’ just as I walk up to the “10 Items or Less” checkout and see Susie Slowly unloading groceries to last until the apocalypse. Maybe, if I’m home by myself and enjoying solitude, I’d put my phone away and on silent. These words can guide our decisions.

I like this idea. Today’s word?

“Don’t lose your shit with the children!”

Oh crap. That’s a phrase.

Phrases are now allowed. Run wild, folks!

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