Common Things

We recently moved from Indiana to sunny South Carolina. The change has been full of ups and downs. Being honest, there have definitely been more downs, but I do think things are starting to look up…maybe…but let’s knock on wood, just in case.

Today was full of running around and getting groceries, the babe in tow. He’s mostly amenable to shopping these days, as long as there is food in the checkout. I remembered most everything and got home earlier than expected. As I toted, the little dude into the house, the traffic on our rode stilled and I could hear the song of a resident bird. The sun was shinning, the mud from the last few days was drying and somehow the battle had ceased for just one moment.

What battle? I muse.

I never expected life to be so ordinary. Days and weeks and months pass, the seams of their pattern intertwining until I no longer see the individual pieces. How sad it is that our impression of time accelerates while our ability to appreciate it deepens! Perhaps, it is only the relative motion of time that causes us to wizen.

All I know is that the birds sang and the sun shone in the past too, but I do not remember those common things.

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