Unformed Opinions

I’m not as American as I should be. I don’t enjoy wearing red, white and blue. I think the  bald eagle is ugly-ish. (Except when he soars, then I think that’s cool. But sitting in his nest? Not so pretty.) And I don’t vote as often as I should. In fact, sometimes I don’t vote, because I don’t want to, which is nigh to heresy in the view of many.

“If you don’t vote, then you don’t get a say.” They chant.

Well, maybe I don’t want a say! Maybe I want to sit back and watch what happens without conjecture, complaint, compromise or concern. Frankly, my dears, I don’t give a damn most of the time!

It’s true. I have enough sitting on my metaphorical desk to sustain several lifetimes of caring. I’m not saying I don’t care about anything. I’m just saying, I don’t care about MOST things.

The day someone runs for office on a platform of embracing special needs people and developing sustainable programs for their life’s enrichment – I will be knocking on your door with a pamphlet and more information than you would like. The day someone proposes that all public schools adopt alternative teaching pedagogies and that teachers, parents and children may choose together what is right for them? I will be a telemarketer of epic proportions.

But anything else? Well, those opinions are unformed and this is why…

I believe, in order to know something, you must have lived outside of it and within it. I’m not as American as I should be, because I don’t believe representatives and senators and governors and presidents can have a full picture. Are many representatives, etc. better than a single monarchy or dictator or whatever else there is? Certainly.

but let’s be real, America didn’t invent democracy and they certainly haven’t perfected it.

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