This Little Light…

I was reading an article about Millennials the other day. I am a Millennial. I like to read about myself. Yes, that is fully on par with research. Ha!

It said that Millennials have a desperate need to make a difference. It occurred to me that this may not be Millennials only. In fact, most of the women I know want to make a difference. Men too sometimes.

I see a trend for all of us difference makers though.


Truly, since the beginning of time, I think people have been saying, “What is our world coming to?” The path to disheartenment seems inevitable.

I posit that perhaps it is not though. You see, in all of our difference making and striving, I think we easily tune in to the world around us and tune out of ourselves. Suddenly, we wake up one morning, hear one bad report and, in despair, climb back under the covers. Yes, weariness descends quickly and seemingly from one moment in time.

Yet, I think it was probably always building in our souls, but we do not attenuate each and every misfortune or setback with care. We let them build, all the while doing good things despite inopportune circumstances.

What does it look like to attenuate our souls? Sometimes, most times I do not know.

What I am trying recently, is lighting candles. For years, my son with autism would pick at the wax in candles, even eating the highly fragranced shards. For years, they were housed under lock and key, unused and forgotten. Until one day, I read a self-care article about lighting candles as a practice to self-soothe. Feeling highly enlightened, I pulled all of the candles out and lit them ablaze. Yes, my son still plays with the wax if they are unlit, so now I make a practice of lighting the candles at the start of my day. As I do, I listen to the small or large parts of myself who are saddened by the struggle, the seemingly never ending hustle to change, improve and repair. She has much to say and feel. Lighting the candles gives her a voice that sings all day – a light that burns despite despair. It helps. It really does.

Plus, I am most definitely employing millions of candle workers worldwide.

Let that little light shine.


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