Shiny, Happy People

Yes, I have pulled the song up on YouTube in order to write this post. Look it up now if you haven’t heard it – Shiny, Happy People by R.E.M.

No one should live in ignorance of R.E.M.  But that’s just personal opinion. Ha!

Billy Graham died yesterday. I stopped scrolling Facebook. I couldn’t handle the onslaught of Shiny, Happy People cheerleading Billy Graham’s arrival in heaven. This sort of cheerleading annoys the shit out of me.

Billy Graham is in heaven! No pain, a new spiritual body! Praise the Lord!

Oh, just stop. *Insert exasperated sigh.*

  • A. Maybe some people are ACTUALLY grieving and aware of their emotions. Shut your happy mouths! Cue “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M.  Seriously, YouTube just rolled over to it.
  • B. No one was cheering when Jesus died…so let’s take a step back.
  • C. IF there is a heaven, then you have no clue what it’s like. Stop saying they are looking down on us and watching over us. If I was in heaven, then I sure as hell wouldn’t look at earth!

All of this though, it’s funny (to me) and it’s total projection. The truth is this…

I was a Shiny, Happy person.

And it almost killed me. All of the smiling, do-gooding – it’s just a low grade fever ready to spike.

Everybody hurts. Everybody cries, sometimes. Sometimes, everything is wrong.

We shouldn’t pretend otherwise. Yes, heaven offers hope, but we aren’t in heaven, folks. This is earth and pain is a thing. All of the suppression of grief, sadness, pain? It’s oppression.


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