But First, Write

My morning pages come more easily today. I don’t hate them. Morning pages are essentially just the bare minimum of writing that I encourage myself to do. The term is not mine, but one I learned from a book called “The Sound of Paper”. It’s a good read for any creative type.

I’m beginning to feel that writing for the sake of writing is valuable – that my thoughts maybe could be valuable? I like the idea of putting them on this blog, chronicling them, maybe assigning some pretty pictures to go with them.

It’s fun. It’s creative.

I have no idea how I could do any of this if I were working. Its so hard to find time for even the bare minimum. I know, from some experience, that if I write like this daily, then usually I begin to write more during the day – even 2-3 hours more, which is a lot for the mom of four.

I’m feeling so much better, so relieved after setting aside the need to “market” myself and submit things all of the time. Blech.

I do think I will submit things from time to time, but first I will do the work. Write first, then see if it fits for  submission. I had transitioned to developing work for submission.

All of it sucked.

I can’t create that way, I suppose. I think this was the first time that I really experienced a block in my writing. I *think* I’ve come through it.

At least that is what I am hoping.



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