Instant Sympathy Not Appreciated

I just want you to know that this blog runs about a week behind my actual life. I do that because if I sleep before publishing something then I usually find the typos.

But I’ve noticed a weird natural by-product of this strategy. I get condolences when I’m happy, congratulations when I’m sad.

It’s the nature of life – the ups and downs. Sometimes I wish people wouldn’t respond to the downs with such drama. Is it bad that I don’t want people to be writing “I’m praying for you” in response to my blogs.

I don’t need prayer. I don’t need sympathy. I really just need to put this stuff out there into open space and let it breathe, let it air out. Ya know?

I might delete this post all together. I might not. Again, it needs open space, air to breathe.

I stopped posting the links to my blog on Facebook, because I got tired of the instant sympathy. I just….I’m frustrated, because that’s not why I do this.

There is an ink spot on my blanket (the one I curl up with while typing). It looks like a butterfly and I love it. It occurs to me that viewed from a different angle or by a different person that the ink blot looks like a ghost or an eagle or a dove.

I think that’s how I need to understand the responses to my writing. Each one is looking at it from a different angle, in a different light.



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