Sweet, Sacred Moments

“Bzzzzz” I made the sound of the bee while zooming my finger around in the air. A giggle erupted from underneath the blanket.

“Bzzzzz” I continued to the sound of more giggles. Finally, the bee came to land on the pile of blankets causing an eruption of laughter from the little soul within.

Sweet, sacred moments.

Later, my husband knocked on the door two hours early in coming home. As he entered, all five of us trailed him with delighted smiles, while he walked to put his things away in the bedroom. His answering smile told me he felt loved by our response to his early arrival.

Sweet, sacred moments.

Tears crested my eyes as I left the message on the nurse’s voicemail. My voice cracked as I listed our call back number. My son was out-of-control at school and they were worried he would injure himself.

“What do we do?” I said to the air after ending the call. “He can’t live like this.” I cried and wept to the still room around me.

Sweet, sacred moments.

The beauty in life is feeling all of the moments, not just a few. It is so hard to feel the pain. It is worth it, because then I can feel the joy too.



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