To Begin

Do or do not, there is no try. 

Yoda’s sage advice. 

For the perfectionist, this statement is a recipe for disaster. The value of trying has merit. It has to have merit. Otherwise, things will never get done. 

I always thought perfectionists did things perfectly. The real definition of a perfectionist is usually someone who doesn’t try, because it won’t be perfect. 

I think I’m a borderline perfectionist. There are many things, especially regarding music, where I have simply not tried, because it wouldn’t be perfect. Yet, in other areas, I’m able to move past the block of perfectionism. 

Recently, I’ve started setting timers and when I feel overwhelmed or worried that something won’t be perfect? I just do that activity for the allotted amount of time and call it complete for the day. 

For instance, right now I’m writing to the tune of a timer, because I didn’t know what to write and was worried it would be stupid. 

But starting has value. Trying has merit. 

To begin – sometimes that is the greatest achievement. 



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