Conquering Fear

Recently, I was given the opportunity to submit my writing to a large church organization for publishing. 

I haven’t done it yet. 

Procrastination, that ominous sign of fear. 

Elizabeth Gilbert says, “All procrastination is fear.” She’s spot on. 

I am afraid my writing won’t be good enough. I’m also afraid it will be good enough and then I’ll have to deal with an editor or writing assignments I don’t like or any number of other things that are challenging about working with others. 

When it comes to my work, I’m an introvert less because of how I gather energy and more because others have burned me in the past. 

Or I’ve allowed myself to be burned. 

You see, that last sentence is a good reminder that I can choose my response. I don’t have to be burned. Instead, I can be hurt and overcome that hurt. I don’t have to be rejected. I can be moving on to other things. 

Perhaps today, I will get on with those submissions. 



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