Tam Vanam?

By: Ashley Kaylor

for Evan, my ray of heaven


it feels like a desperate black hole

a pit of apathetic hunger

Unassuaged by the sustenance of Life


How deep the need, the

Disparaging Ruin

a race Unwon , a life Unhewn


burning hot tears scald cheeks grown cold

Mists and steam rise from the pain

an Ice-like Vise around my chest

the droplets fall Uncaressed


where have you gone?

what have I lost

bright horizon, dissipating fog

all tied to one ray of Heaven now sacrificed


the garish abyss of lessened demand

‘Tis a Principle to withstand







Fairytale Endings

Lovers stare unending

Upon each other depending

Great quests defeated

Deep fears retreated


A bashful onlooker

Tear-streaked face

Sadness overtook her

Between the empty space



An insidious delirium

Ingratiating smile

Tastes of bile


Absently apathy

Draws out agony

Angry animosity

Harbors no reciprocity


Lovers apart

Waste their hearts

Drought dampens the dependent

Wet for ardor and atrocity


Come now, have remorse

I only wanted to be

Your curiosity






On Fridays, I will start posting poetry. I am NO poet. Ha! I really am starting to enjoy the experimentation though. I’m sure that I am too rhymey and timey, but that’s not the point. The point is I made this. I’m expressing myself. That is the point of my poetry.



By Candidly Ash


Tell cannot I, which things

Secrets hold inside

Devoid is the well inside me


Not for lack of wanting

Longing resounds

A writhing echo that smells


A fight in a windowless cavern

Depth and stillness in drought

Night holds no answers

For those without

A Hallow Ache

Deep cavernous tombs

Entrenched ideals

Stealing light from The Blooms

A barren battlefield


Down to earth

Scrape the dirt

Eat my hurt

Swallow, my last resort


Open, Out, Oddly Off

Cavemen scoff

Drop my club

Escape from the rub


Run bright, Run far, Run like a drug

Let go of my spite, no one to spar

Cavemen so smug

I unplug


An open field awaits

Flowers and bowers

I no longer cower

Misbehave, No complaint

I am awake.


By Candidly Ash



I’ve had chains down in my guts

Connecting me to people and places I distrust

Reaching, thrashing and heaving

Tied in knots



Chin up now don’t look at those cuts

Shaming me and blaming me into a nut

Seething, writhing and bleeding

Desiccated by doubt

I’m out


Watch the sharp, excising knife

Parsing and piecing me into strife

Agonizing, penetrating and debriding

Exhausted by pain

No more chain


My two hands shake

Sever the connection and ache

Stirring, rising and climbing

Undaunted by change

Freedom is strange


Deep veins, red blood, heart pounding

I see my strength and answer the sound

Driving, surging and pressing

Unbound and unafraid

I am made


By Candidly Ash