A Hallow Ache

Deep cavernous tombs

Entrenched ideals

Stealing light from The Blooms

A barren battlefield


Down to earth

Scrape the dirt

Eat my hurt

Swallow, my last resort


Open, Out, Oddly Off

Cavemen scoff

Drop my club

Escape from the rub


Run bright, Run far, Run like a drug

Let go of my spite, no one to spar

Cavemen so smug

I unplug


An open field awaits

Flowers and bowers

I no longer cower

Misbehave, No complaint

I am awake.


By Candidly Ash



I’ve had chains down in my guts

Connecting me to people and places I distrust

Reaching, thrashing and heaving

Tied in knots



Chin up now don’t look at those cuts

Shaming me and blaming me into a nut

Seething, writhing and bleeding

Desiccated by doubt

I’m out


Watch the sharp, excising knife

Parsing and piecing me into strife

Agonizing, penetrating and debriding

Exhausted by pain

No more chain


My two hands shake

Sever the connection and ache

Stirring, rising and climbing

Undaunted by change

Freedom is strange


Deep veins, red blood, heart pounding

I see my strength and answer the sound

Driving, surging and pressing

Unbound and unafraid

I am made


By Candidly Ash